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  1. Posted by JannatXx, — Reply

    Literally my thoughts explained

  2. Posted by zoe_denton, — Reply

    so true

  3. Posted by vMoOnzz, — Reply

    Omg how tf can something explain my life this well?

  4. Posted by jasminekesinger, — Reply

    Damn. Just go ahead and tell me my life story.

  5. Posted by xoyaya, — Reply

    bruh wtf , this is so true.

  6. Posted by yasxmine_, — Reply

    this is how i’ve been feeling lately 🗿

  7. Posted by harpi9833, — Reply

    If even I have friends we don't discuss personal stuff

  8. Posted by milesshowell99, — Reply

    Yup sounds about right

  9. Posted by shiminshabnam007, — Reply

    why does this explain my whole life? 👁👄👁

  10. Posted by makysiaw, — Reply


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